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Clients have often said that with my knowledge of the local area that I must have been born here, but it could not be further from the truth.

I was born in Sydney, in Paddington Womens Hospital, where our family lived for seven years in the five ways area, until moving to Kirribilli where I spent my formative years. After ten years, my parents found Surry Hills to be their home of choice.

At the age of 18, I decided to move out and reside on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Dee Why became my home until moving to Mudgee in 2006.

We opened The Mudgee Christmas Shop and Dreamfield Video Productions in 2007 . We ran both businesses for 10 years until it was time for a break. However, opportunities sometimes present themselves and we decided to embark on something we hadn't tried before; wine tours.
We soon discovered that we had a passion for it and found ourselves excited at the prospect of meeting new people every day.

With my wife, Liz, having been an executive with Kerry Packers' Nine Network for over 20 years and my love of a sense of humor and love of people, we found this to be a natural progression in our lives.

Having spent time contracting to successfully operate a wine tour business in Mudgee, it is with great pride and certainly joy that we have created :

                                                        MUDGEE VALLEY WINE TOURS

We have spent our recent wine tour operation building relationships with the great winemakers of the region and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Our aim is to create a memorable experience  for our customers to take home and relive, until the next time we have the pleasure of hosting them.

Now it's time to look forward to many years of fun, lots of laughter, and most of all, making new friends and renewing old friendships.

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